Our Sister Camp—Kippewa

Camp Kippewa for Girls is just a half mile down the road.  At Kippewa they believe every girl needs a safe, fun place to make friends with other girls, to learn social, artistic, and athletic skills, and to take steps toward the independence of adulthood. The caring, nurturing ambiance of sleep away camp at Kippewa sets a girl at ease with who she is, giving her the confidence to make friends easily and feel comfortable about trying challenging new activities. Everything is individualized, from the way they help your daughter adjust to sleep away camp to the scheduling of her camp activities.

Kippewa girls come from all over the United States and the entire world. They are easy going, intent on learning and enjoying new skills, and endlessly fun to be with. Kippewa campers enjoy meeting new friends each year while reconnecting with friends from the past, and enjoy lasting friendships formed in a small community where everyone knows everyone else. The unusual combination of a relaxed ambiance with a focus on learning challenging activities make Kippewa a girl’s ideal summer home.