Program & Facilities

Boys Sports Camp in Maine


At Camp Cobbossee, the cornerstones of our program are good sportsmanship and fair play in everything we do–on the fields, in the water…everywhere! The instructional program at Cobbossee emphasizes personal instruction, skill development, and teamwork.

The program at Cobbossee is designed to give each child the full camp experience. For boys completing fourth grade and below, a set schedule is made to ensure that each camper gets a taste of everything that Cobbossee has to offer. Boys completing fifth grade and higher choose the activities in their schedule, while being guided by our staff.

Professional coaches and teachers work with our boys at every skill level, developing proficiency in the basics for our beginners, and working on strategy, plays, and teamwork with our advanced players. We provide each camper with a stimulating and challenging instructional setting and offer everyone – regardless of his ability – the opportunity to succeed and play. All of our activities are taught with the Cobbossee philosophy in mind. Every activity period is half instruction and half game play so that our campers can practice what they learn during that period. Campers put their new skills to the test when they are involved in a variety of intramurals, inter-camp tournaments, and special events.

For campers who want to participate, Camp Cobbossee offers an extensive schedule in inter-camp and tournament competitions. Any camper who wants to be on a team will have that opportunity. We do not cut boys from any team. Teams in each age group compete against teams from nearby camps in every sport–both home and away.