Below are some Frequently-Asked-Questions for you and your Cobbosssee camper. Please be in touch with us with any additional questions at [email protected] or 207-933-4503.


Will you be open for Summer 2021?

Yes. Absolutely.

We look forward to opening our gates and our arms to our Cobbossee boys in 2021, new and returning. When they return, they will have ‘moved up’ in the year count. Three-Year Beanies all the way up to 10 Year Bricks will be awarded accordingly.

We will take the entire year to prepare for what the summer brings – vaccine or no vaccine.

Can you offer advice on speaking with my (very) disappointed son?

Yes we can. Below this FAQ you will find a series of helpful articles and videos about campers and grieving the loss of their summer. Their sadness is real and we share it. Please be in touch if we can help any further!

This was my son's Sachem (final) year as a camper. What can I tell him?

As you heard Josh say in the video, this is not how the Sachem’s final chapter is going to end. We don’t have specifics yet, but we are committed to creating a powerful Sachem experience for them next year. We will be creating this experience with both sets of Sachem (2020 and 2021), so look for communication in the fall.

What are the refund and credit options?

Option 1: Rollover your payment to summer 2021 & lock in 2020 pricing. If you are able to select this option, it will really help Cobbossee, both with important cash flow during the year and with the expenses that we incur as part of preparing for each summer. This option will guarantee your space for next summer, and lock in 2020 prices.

This credit may be used for any family member at Cobbossee or Kippewa and for any of our programs (including 2020 Kippewa Equestrian Academy and Family Camp). If your plans change for summer 2021, the regular refund terms and conditions for any normal year apply.

Option 2: Refunds. Our relationship with our families is important to us. If you find yourself unable to rollover please see our Financial Options form for more information.

Please sign in to your myCobbossee account to select the financial option that works best for your family. Full details are included on the Financial Options Form, available in the Forms & Documents section.

Can you go into any more detail about your decision?

This decision was incredibly hard.  And yet we also knew that each time you send your boy to us, you are trusting us to make decisions with real stakes about his safety and experience.  This is often the best and hardest part of this work. 

Our decision was a complex combination of factors. The world’s knowledge of the virus is still developing, and with it the world’s responses to it (ours included) in terms first of safety, but then also permissible activities, social codes, and behavior in general. There is so much uncertainty. . . and it’s uncertainty with stakes. 

The changes we were considering to ‘cover all these bases’ would have such an extreme effect on Cobbosssee – to the extent that postponing our important work with our boys became the right choice. 

R and B Shipping was supposed to have my son's bags shipped. What now?

R and B Baggage will be issuing refunds in the form of a credit for the 2021 season or refund of payment. Please contact them directly to discuss your bags.